2014 Movie

Into The Woods

Into The Woods


A Very Fun Musical that will make you dance in the isle. The director did an outstanding job of the telling all the stories and combing all of them into one big story. This is a great family film to take the whole family to and it a nice change with all the christmas films coming out this week. Don’t miss this great film.

Maymay Review:


 This was an amazing movie! Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, and Lilla Crawford were fantastic. I have never heard Meryl Streep sing before, but she has an incredible voice. My favorite song was Agony with Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen. It was really funny. The movie had many funny parts in it. Johnny Depp was the perfect wolf! He played the character so well it was creepy. He’s good in everything, but he was perfect as the wolf. I found it funny that Lucy Punch got the part of the evil step sister because that was the part she played in Ella Enchanted, and she was great both times. I liked that her name was Lucinda because that was the name of Ella’s fairy godmother. Into the Woods is really worth seeing. I haven’t seen it on Broadway, but did see the play once at Rowan University. I want to see it on Broadway. My favorite characters were Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, the witch, the baker, and the baker’s wife. My least favorite were the giants because their voices were hard to understand and they were so big and blurry. You couldn’t really see the girl giant’s face until Jack was in a tree throwing rocks at her. You should see this movie.
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