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2013 Movie Reviews

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty “A Film Review By Maymay ” 3 1/2 Stars”

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty “A Film Review By Maymay ” 3 1/2 Stars”

I liked this movie but it wasn’t what I thought it was. When i saw the movie poster I thought it was about the guy who walks on the tight rope or the guy who skydived from space but it wasn’t it was about a guy who goes on an adventure just to get a photo for his boss.

It starts when Walter Mitty tries to send a wink to his co-worker Cheryl on eHarmony but it doesn’t work so on his way to work he calls the company and they tell him he needs a profile to do it. He daydreams a lot after he is told this.When he gets to work he is late and his sister asks for help and he doesn’t because he is already late to work. He goes and looks at the pictures Sean O’Connell sent and realizes the negative 25 is missing then the boss wants it so he and the guy he works with work really hard to find the picture. Walter starts to hang out with Cheryl and she tells him to go on an adventure and find Sean and get the picture from him so he goes. He starts in Greenland then ends up in Iceland and it takes him back home when he can’t find Sean. He then gets fired because  he didn’t have the picture so he goes home and gives up. Then he realizes that the one picture is of his mom’s piano so he starts looking for Sean and this time he is looking in the Himalayas climbing mountains. When he finds Sean he gets told that the negative 25 was in the wallet he gave him. Then he goes home to get the wallet which his mom was smart enough to save for him and gets the picture to his ex-boss. Later when he is walking with Cheryl they see the picture on the final cover and it was a picture of Walter Mitty. Walter  wanted to buy a copy but he didn’t want people to think he was a nerd.

I thought it was funny that the eHarmony guy is the only person who bailed him out of airport jail. I also thought it was funny that eHarmony kept calling him during his trip. When he jumped into the the water I knew they were going to put a shark in the movie that was way to predictable and nobody can fly on top of an airplane the way they showed Sean doing it without a safety belt rope thingy.

3 1/2 Stars

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