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Shields Up, Nichelle Nichols !

Shields Up, Nichelle Nichols !

With the rampantissue of abuse coming to light in today’s society, it’s heartbreaking to see abeloved icon so terribly taken advantage of by someone she trusted. NichelleNichols is one of these people.

Kyle Johnson, sonof actress Nichelle Nichols best known from her groundbreaking role as ‘Uhura’on original Star Trek, just filed last week a countersuit against Gilbert Bell. Thesuit accuses Bell of elder abuse, fraud, and six other charges related to Bell’smilking Nichols of significant assets.  

Lawsuit details can be found at  http://uhura.com/nts/gb_19STCV23804_cross_complaint.pdf.

As the first black woman in a non-traditional role in 1960s TV, sheinspired millions of women. Not only an actress and performer, from the late1970s until the late 1980s, NASA employed Nichelle to recruit astronautcandidates for the Space Shuttle program.

This emotionally chargedissue has gained the support of Nichelle’s siblings, who until recently wereunaware of its extent due to her private, independent lifestyle. Marian Smothers, Nichelle’s younger sister on behalf of theNichols family, has just launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise capital to payfor extensive legal fees.

The GoFundMe page is available at Click Here

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