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A Place In Hell

A Place In Hell


Hard to believe, but it has been almost two years since we here at Kingroom Entertainment broke the story about a local film being made here in the South Jersey & Philadelphia area called “A Place In Hell”. The time has now come for it’s long awaited theatrical premiere  and it was well worth the wait. Horror films lately has been just, well, horrible… so when a good one comes along it’s almost like hitting the lottery.

Remember a little film called “Halloween”? It became a cult classic but remember who directed the film? It was John Carpenter! When it first came out no one knew his name, but he had a passion for the film which became  a HUGE hit (and spawned countless sequels).

First time directors have a lot against them but when everything falls into place it makes for a great film. “A Place in Hell” is one of those films. David Boorboor wrote, directed and edited the film himself (his company is Frame Level Films). He shares producing credit with Ed Cuffe of Cufflink Productions & co-producer Sonny Vellozzi, of (Don’t Go There Productions) also had a hand in making the film. noreelewisdb_2_1

Boorboor has a great passion for film and it shows. The Story centers around a a group of film students lead by Nicole Hart (played by the talented Noree Victoria, of “Quarantine 2” & “The Choice”). The students are shooting a horror film at a haunted Halloween attraction, which is closed for the winter…unbeknown to them (of course!) they are being chased by a serial killer, who in turn is being hunted by an ex cop, detective McInnes (played with veracity & grit by Lewis Smith of Buckaroo Bonzai and Wyatt Earp fame). David’s love for the classic horror films of the past clearly shows with “A Place In Hell” and he can walk tall because he did a Hell (No PUN Intended) of a job and he is a director you need to keep an eyes on if you love film like I do.

This movie reminds me of Halloween and Friday the 13th but with a more campy/comedy tone to it. The killer in “A  Place in Hell” is played by Atif Lanier (his part is perfect, even though he does not have one line in the movie (ala Michael Myers in “Halloween”). As the first African-American serial killer in a horror film Atif breaks certainly breaks ground.

“The supporting cast was just key and we couldn’t have asked for any better” said Associate Producer Will Beaman. The supporting cast is also great in their respective roles. Appearing in their first feature film are actors Brooke Storms (Kate Bloom) and Caroline Elizabeth (Lizzie).
Krista Robelle , Danny Donnelly and Brandon Essig were fantastic as well.
“Executive Producer Mike Reuten, we couldn’t have done it without him” exclaimed Ed Cuffe during the films Q&A. With all the less-than-stellar horror films recently it is very nice to see a film that has a great story, director who has passion, stars who could actually act and some good old fashion scares!  All those involved did a great job and you should really check this flick out when opens in your area.

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2015 Movie Ratings

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