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Q & A with pro-wrestler (and musician) Josh Adams… By Frank Chille

Q & A with pro-wrestler (and musician) Josh Adams… By Frank Chille
By Frank Chille
If you are a fan of professional wrestling (and let’s be honest; most of us are!) the independent wrestling scene in New Jersey is thriving. There are matches, it seems, on a weekly basis throughout the Garden State. A big reason for this is the amazing, raw talent that fans get to see from the incredible athletes that participate on the independent circuit.
One of the outstanding wrestlers (with an outstanding fan base to boot) is a Jersey boy by the name of Josh Adams. Josh has been thrilling fans in just about every major independent promotion in the state. Josh is sometimes cheered, sometimes booed, depending on his ring persona that night; but the mark he’s made in the sport is the mark of a winner. His infamous submission hold “The Flat Crab”, has forced many wrestlers to “tap out” in defeat (the move can cause a serious knee or back injury). I had the chance to speak with Josh after a recent appearance at the Combat Zone Wrestling “DoJo Wars” in Blackwood (this was his 49th appearance at the DoJo, which is no simple feat). Josh just came off a hectic-six man tag match which saw the arena literally explode with action & excitement.
KING ROOM: How are you Josh?
Josh: Ok, considering I just wrestled!
KING ROOM: How long have you been wrestling as a pro? Do you have a background as a high school wrestler?
Josh: I have been wrestling for 8 years now; 8 years this July. No, I did not wrestle in high school. I went to a performing arts school and studied TV and film. When I was younger, like 9 or 10, I wrestled as an amateur.
KING ROOM: Where did you train in order to compete as pro?
Josh: There was a school near me, in Atlantic City, called Force One Pro; that’s where I started, where it all began. The school was around from 2007 until 2012. Again that’s where I got my start in this business.
KING ROOM: Which wrestling promotions have you competed for?
Josh: Locally, in this area? that’s a really tough list to mention. Obviously there is CZW, On Point Wrestling, ECWA…I mean I have worked for like 15 different companies in the last calendar year. There really is no one answer to that question. I enjoy competing for all of them.
KING ROOM: How did you come up with your signature finishing move, the Flat Crab? is it your own invention?
Josh: Well, no, it’s not really my own invention but nothing really is these days. The idea is to do something that people do not ordinarily see every week and luckily that’s what I have. I’m sure there is some wrestler in Europe or Japan that does the Flat Crab, or something similar, but in this area it is something I have that is unique. It’s nice to have a move that fans know you by.
KING ROOM: Growing up, who were some of your pro-wrestling idols?
Josh: I’m a kid who grew up in the mid 80s so I was into (Macho Man) Savage and then The Ultimate Warrior, and then when we got into the 90s I was into the Bret Harts and the Shawn Michaels, etc. Honestly, I was the typical kid who they wanted you to like!
KING ROOM: Do you prefer single action or tag team wrestling, or both?
josh adams tank
Josh: I actually like both. I mean, some nights, you know, you are happy that you have a tag match and a tag team partner and do not have to be in that ring every second of the match! Sometimes, you need that break from being the sole person in that ring all the time against your opponent. But overall I like single competition. It’s great to be one-on-one to show your opponent what you got.
KING ROOM: You play base guitar with the Atlantic City based heavy-metal band, “Beneath the Break”; where do you find the time to train, work-out, wrestle, play with the band, and handle a 40 hour work week?
Josh: to be honest I almost don’t! I really don’t have a lot of free time outside of that. I really don’t have time to date or do anything outside of that. I have a 40 hour work week and every moment that I’m there I’m either inside a wrestling ring or I’m with the band, practicing or performing on a stage. I just make it happen!
KING ROOM: You have a very loyal fan base; how did you accomplish that?
Josh: just consistency, I think. I have gotten to do a lot in the last few years. The wrestling fans have seen me so often you can’t deny it. You know I’m there. If you don’t know who I am you are not clearly paying attention to the independent wrestling scene in this area. I just think people see me and I entertain them, whether I’m being funny or being serious and hard-hitting I entertain the crowd.
KING ROOM: What advice would you give someone who would like to follow in your footsteps as a pro-wrestler? I’m sure it’s not as easy as it looks.
Josh: just be ready to do the toughest and most crazy thing you have ever done! I’ve done a lot of things and training for pro-wrestling, to this day, is STILL the hardest thing you will ever do. You know, people think it’s real easy. They watch wrestling on TV, come to training, and think on the first day they will be hitting people with the Stone Cold “Stunner” and they will be living out their dream…it just doesn’t work that way. I mean, it’s extremely thrilling when you make it through. It’s almost like boot camp. You watch guys drop out and quit. Whether it’s that day, during that drill, but then you fight on and you fight through it. You need the discipline to make it through the hard times.
If you would like to see Josh perform inside the squared circle, he appears weekly at the Combat Zone Wrestling “DoJo Wars” every Wednesday night, 8pm, at the CZW headquarters located at 110 Harmon Drive in Blackwood, NJ. Also, check out the websites of the various independent wrestling promotions in the NJ area including On Point Wrestling and ECWA (chances are that Josh will be on the card). Please check out the band’s Facebook page and give a like; Better yet, see them perform live!
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