The first ever VAMPIRE DIARIES Convention shakes up Chicago!

by Frank Chille

If you are as nuts about the hit CW series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES as I am, there was someone for everyone at Creation Entertainment’s first VAMPIRE DIARIES Fan Convention, held the weekend of April 13-15 at the beautiful Westin Hotel in Chicago. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is not just a hit for the CW; it is the # 1 rated show on the entire network!

As with all fan conventions (whether they be Star Trek, Star Wars, or whatever) there were plenty of fans dressed up as their favorite characters, both male and female; an awesome dealer’s room where you could buy anything VAMPIRE DIARIES related (t-shirts, 8×10 color photos, puzzles, posters…even fake vampire blood) and of course all the excited fans waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite TV star.

But of course, the main reason we all go to conventions is to meet and mingle with the stars…and believe me, they were there in full force, including all the heart-throbs: Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), Zach Roering (Matt Donavon), Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood), Matthew Davis (Alaric Saltzman) Daniel Giles (Elijah), and David Anders (John Gilbert). In addition, the VAMPIRE DIARIES female stars were not left out, as Kate Graham, Torrey DeVitto, and Malese Jow were also a part of this spectacular weekend.

The Q&A portion of the convention is a load of fun; fans get ask their favorite stars all sorts of questions, ranging from “how did you get your start in show biz” to “will you marry me?”. Of course, quite a few of the most ardent followers of this show want to know about plot development, what is in store for certain characters, and how long the TV series might remain on the air (not to worry folks; I have it from a very good source that THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is going to be around for a long time).

The actors take all questions in stride, and do their best to make the fans happy with their answers. When asked by yours truly if a VAMPIRE DIARIES theatrical release might be in the works (considering the incredible success of the the TWILIGHT films) actor Michael Trevino replied “I can’t envision that happening, but who knows? our show has some of the most loyal fans around, and maybe a film based on the TV series would be an interesting project” (and judging by the applause from the audience, I think the fans would LOVE to see a movie based on the TV show).

As mentioned previously, Michael plays Tyler Lockwood, the high school jock turned vampire-werewolf hybrid (take that, Taylor Lautner!). His Q& A with the audience was one of the highlights of the convention; but an even bigger highlight was when he posed for pictures with so many of his excited fans at the hotel (the photo opts, and autograph seesions, with the stars make the convention even more special).

I have to say that everything was run on a very professional level, and unlike some fan conventions, there is NO overbooking; once the seats are gone, admission tickets are no longer sold. This makes it very comfortable for all who attend, as there are no worries about finding good seats during the Q&A sessions.That was a very good thing; the Chicago convention was completely sold out, yet no one was turned away.

Due to the huge success of this convention, a VAMPIRE DIARIES get-together may be heading to your town as well. Additional conventions are already planned this year in Parsippany, NJ, at the Hilton Hotel (August 18-19) and Orlando, Florida’s Hilton Disney Resort (December 8-9). In particular, I’m excited to see all of the stars “invade” Parsippany…it’s only about a 2 hour drive from where I live, and you can bet the farm I will be in attendance.

If anyone would like further information on any of the wonderful fan conventions put together by Creation Entertainment (including TWILIGHT, SUPERNATURAL, STAR TREK, and THE HUNGER GAMES) you can find complete information by visiting

Trust me, no matter what show or movie you happen to be into, you will have a blast at these fan gatherings…