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On set for the filming of “A Place in Hell”

On set for the filming of “A Place in Hell”

On set for the filming of “A Place in Hell”


Webmaster/Film Critic Paul Perkins and Noree Victoria

Braving an unscheduled snow storm and temps in the teens, shooting began Jan 21 for the full length feature horror film “A Place In Hell” and our webmaster/film critic Paul Perkins was on set to capture the action. “A Place In Hell” written and directed by David Boorboor will be his directorial debut. “My Vision for the film is to utilize filming techniques of classic horror films blending with my own personal vision and touch” Boorboor states. Boorboor is producing along with Ed Cuffe, Executive Producer Mike Reuten and co-Producer Sonny Vellozzi.

The Film is being shot in South Jersey and in Philadelphia. The film centers around post grad student Nicole Hart played by Noree Victoria (The Rickey Smiley TV Show, Quarantine 2: Terminal) who teams up with her college roommate and some classmates to make a movie on a deserted fright farm for their final grade in film school.

I was looking forward to speak with Noree Victoria as I loved her in Sony’s Quarantine 2: Terminal, so when I caught up with her on set, I asked her how she got involved in her current role in the film and here is what she had to say; “What attracted me most to this project, ironically, was the same element that attracted me to Quarantine 2 – the actual role itself. I LOVE “she-roes”, female heroines, women that are brave and strong and beautiful, but can lead a pack with something more than just sexuality. I also loved the dark elements of the story. I can sit all day and watch Discovery ID or Dateline, and when I heard “serial killer” plus “psyche student”, I was all in!”.

Webmaster/Film Critic Paul Perkins and Director David Boorboor

Director David Boorboor and Webmaster/Film Critic
Paul Perkins


When I asked how she prepped for her role? “To prep for the role of Nicole Hart, I watched a lot of murder mystery and serial killer documentaries, paying particular attention to the  forensic psychology bits. I also revisited my firearms training. Physically, I worked out a lot and upped my nutrition because I knew it’d be a physically demanding shoot. But somehow, coming from a sunny 80 degrees in Los Angeles to a blizzard in New Jersey, and shooting outdoors in single digit temps, still managed to get ahold of me a bit. But Noree’s pushing through just as Nicole would, and no matter what, we’re making a movie!

While a gritty detective played by Lewis Smith (Django Unchained, Wyatt Earp) is searching for answers that cost him dearly. The film is inspired by a real serial killer that plagued the city of Philadelphia in the 1980’s.

A large majority of the film is being shot at the Creamy Acres Farm in Mullica Hill NJ, which has operated the “Night of Terror” fright attraction for the past 19 years.

“Associate Producer Mark Elson of marketing and distribution of the film says” We hope to premiere the film this coming November”.

Kingroom Entertainment will keep you posted on this project as it develops and as I watch the talented Noree Victoria ready for her scene in a spooky funhouse, I can’t help but feel scared myself as I look around at my fright farm surroundings.

Follow the Project https://www.facebook.com/aplaceinhellthemovie

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