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The ‘Vampires’ invade The Garden State (but no one is complaining!)…

The ‘Vampires’ invade The Garden State (but no one is complaining!)…

The ‘Vampires’ invade The Garden State (but no one is complaining!)…

“Vampire Diaries” Convention draws thousands to the Parsippany Hilton

by Frank Chille


They came by the thousands over the 2 -day weekend; mostly young teen girls (but also a respectable number of teen boys as well as adults) to the Hilton Hotel in Parsipanny, NJ. What did they all have in common? a love for their favorite TV show “The Vampire Diaries”, the top-rated supernatural series on the CW Network.

Presented by Creation Conventions, this was the first “Vampire Diaries” fan-fest ever to hit the East Coast…and judging from the screaming fans in the audience, it was a huge success. I attended the Saturday portion of the convention, which included a special appearance by heart-throbs Michael Trevino and Zach Roerig. Michael plays the werewolf/vampire hybrid Tyler Lockwood, who also happens to be the high school jock on the show; Zach is the boy-next-door Matt Donovan, the very human former love interest of Elena Gilbert (who only has eyes for vampires now).


When these 2 young stars hit the stage, I thought the screams and cheers could be heard across state into New York City.These guys are without a doubt VERY popular…and Michael and Zach showed their appreciation for all the fan support by answering questions for almost 45 minutes: explaining what’s it’s like to work on a top-rated TV series, the ups and downs (mostly ups) of being a celebrity, and how both of them really enjoy attending these conventions because they get to mingle and inter-act with fans of the show. At one point a young girl and her family were invited on stage to do a photo opt with the duo; by the look on her face the young fan was on cloud-nine!

I also found it very touching that both Michael and Zach credit their families with helping them attain the level of fame that they have today. “My grandfather is a saint; he is the patriarch of our family”, Michael said sincerely, while Zach told the crowd that his family was, and still is, “always there for me”. When asked if their families were big fans of the Vampire Diaries, both stars shouted out “they better be!” at the same time; the audience ate it up.

“That’s the best part; getting to meet the stars of my favorite series” explained Dana, a fan who traveled all the way from Boston just to attend this very special fan-fest. “I got to take a picture with Michael (Trevino)…I thought I would pass out. I also took a photo with Zach Roerig; both these guys were awesome”. Dana attended the convention with her boyfriend Randy, who explained to me that he is almost as crazy about The Vampire Diaries as she is. “It’s a great show” he admitted, and “I never miss an episode”.

Later that afternoon, Steven R. McQueen (the handsome grandson of screen legend Steve McQueen) showed up for photo opts, autograph signings, and the Q&A. He received the same fan reaction (yeah, those infamous screams) as his 2 very hot co-stars. On Sunday, Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), Torrey DeVitto (Dr. Meredith Fell) and Daniel Gilles (Elijah) were scheduled to take the podium to entertain and thrill the audience (and I have no doubt they did just that).

No doubt The Vampire Diaries is as hot on TV as the “Twilight” films are in the movie theater; so hot, in fact, that a couple of California girls by the name of Hilly & Hannah Hindi have become somewhat famous themselves for doing short features in honor of their favorite TV show.They call themselves the Hillywood Show, and their skits are somewhat of a YouTube sensation. “We have been doing this for a while now, and the fans really seem to enjoy our skits” explained Hilly. “We are in full costume, and we pay special homage to the show”. Hannah added “the stars of the show and producers have seen our skits and have been totally supportive; and the fans? We can’t thank them enough”.

Speaking of fans, if you are a “true” fan you MUST attend one of Creation Conventions’s Tribute to the Vampire Diaries; the next convention is scheduled for Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World Resort on December 8-9; next year, the convention will return to Chicago, Dallas, and Parsippany (and possibly other cities as well).

For furthur information on The Vampire Diaries and other conventions, please check out the Creation Convention website: http://www.creationent.com/

Also, a helpful tip; bring extra cash, as it is very hard to resist all of the amazing merchandise that is available for purchase at these shows; t-shirts, posters, keychains, novels, color photos, fake blood…even a Vampire Diary for your very own secrets (like which actor you think is the hottest!). All in all you will have a blast.


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