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The Avengers

The Avengers
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Well quoted from a classic video game turn into a movie called Mortal Kombat “It Has Begun” The summer movie season is among us and what a way to start it off. With this outstanding motion picture called Marvel’s The Avengers.

This film has every thing you want from a big summer blockbuster, the story was great the biggest draw to the film is the characters there are a lot in it and the director did an outstanding job of giving each equal camera time. The director did an outstanding job also of building up each characters back story.

The film had some great tension in it because of the sub story of all the big characters learning how to work together when there egos does not want too. And when the time comes they have to put there egos aside and fight and let me tell u they fight and fight. The action screens was outstanding and with the 3D in it OMG i felt right there getting Hulk smash.

All the acting was outstanding by each of the main stars. There was a ton of funny oneliners by everyone in the film even the big green man himself. The film was almost 2 and half hour long but it did not feel like it, i wish it was longer.

With film prices the way it is. Marvel’s The Avengers is worth every penny and more. So use the bathroom before walking into the film grab a extra big popcorn and drink and enjoy what great film making is all about and why us critics love our jobs.

BTW See the film in IMAX 3D if you could it will blow u away

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